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"An idea that is developed and put into action is more important than an idea that exists only as an idea." Buddha
Investment Portfolio Construction
We will take whatever time is necessary to understand your vision, values and priorities. We will help you plan your investment portfolio around your life goals and not only around a target dollar figure as many advisors do. We'll help you develop an asset allocation* that incorporates the financial variables and risk profile determined in the previous step and statistical and financial models deemed statistically likely to support your goals, dreams and priorities.

We believe it is imperative that you understand and are comfortable with your investment strategy. After working out the details with you and receiving your approval, we'll put your plan into action.

Investment plans, like any plans, require regular reviews to ensure optimal performance. We will review your plan regularly and rebalance your portfolio allocations as necessary to reflect changes in the market. Regular reports will allow you to track the progress you've made toward your goals, tweak your asset allocation when necessary and readjust your plan to accommodate changes to your life goals.

You'll stay on top of your investment strategy through monthly statements, quarterly portfolio valuations and annual tax summaries**. We believe communication is the key and will also keep you informed as we see opportunities or concerns. At any time we are available and willing to sit down with you to discuss your concerns or needs.

ACMWS offers portfolio construction services to individual investors, businesses and foundations. We believe that this type of account management is the future of the financial-services industry because of its focus on the long-term benefits of a client's financial strategy. The key component of a portfolio construction is an investment plan designed to meet a client's goals while adhering to a specified level of market risk.
*Asset allocation cannot eliminate the risk of fluctuating prices and uncertain returns.
**ACM Wealth Solutions is not a tax advisor.
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