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ACMWS offers you access to a comprehensive range of services. We have found that for those managing the financial implications of a high net worth family, one thing remains constant. You are busy and need well-timed access to precise information and unbiased opportunities to help achieve your goals. Think of us as your point of contact for many of your financial needs and relationships. We'll help you bridge the two sides of your financial life – your assets and your obligations. Whether you're looking for traditional investment services, or access to estate planning or tax advisory services*, we can help you meet your needs – all from the convenience of our office.

ACMWS is able to help you obtain services similar to those provided by a family office. At times it is too cumbersome for families to maintain their own "family office" but you still need access to the essential financial coordination benefits of a professional advisor without compromising competence, performance or scope of services. ACMWS is able to utilize the services available to them, or call on the help of outside professionals to help meet your financial needs. ACMWS serves a limited number of client families and maintains complete and highly confidential knowledge of their overall financial situations, their ongoing distinctive needs and their identified family objectives.

*Available through ACMWS relationships
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